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As far back as I remember, I always loved reading the end of high school I had read most of Jules Verne's ...Victor Hugo's...Hemingway's...and the entire Erich Fromm's sociology collection...but it was Isacc Asimov's scientific gems that fascinated me the most and had laid the early ground of passion for science in me. One of the best memories of my father was that he never said no to taking me to bookshops...and he never said no to the purchase of the books I was interested in. Today I prefer paper-back books to the electronic counterparts whenever I have a choice.

It was during the 3rd year of Chemistry program back in the early 90s, when I got involved with databases as part of my studies, and felt that it really was something that I wanted to know more about and explore in greater depth, so I made the switch to Information Technology out of passion. In my leisure time I still avidly read Chemistry related books and articles.

In mid 90s I put my hands on a box of Microsoft SQL Server 6.0 installation media, and subsequently versions 6.5 and 7.0; however it was the arrival of SQL Server 2005 that made me realize that Microsoft was indeed serious about this RDBMS. It made me see the great potential in it. Even my senior Oracle DBA collegues agreed with me: SQL Server had come a long way and had turned into a mature, robust, full-featured database server to contend with.

I am a senior database architect, administrator & developer, as well as TFS administrator, working from Montreal (Quebec, Canada). I work with Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database Server, Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server; and enjoy working on all scopes and aspects of databases: conception, architecture & design, development, implementation, data access layer, administration & maintenance, business intelligence, data warehousing etc. But I have an unusual deep passion for database optimization as well as data integrity & quality, subjects I should write a book about one day.

I am very fortunate to have been a member of a very effective Agile development team from 2011 to 2014...having learned and applied Agile principles and techniques while working an enterprise caliber data warehousing SOA application with Both Oracle & SQL Server on the back-end.

I have since moved from the Dev team to the Engineering and Delivery team, and will continue my quests in the never ending realm of databases...never saying no to any new challenges...collaboring efficiently with my team...getting my feet wet in new territories and always thinking holistically.


Whether on this site or elsewhere, I hope you find the information you are looking information is power...and knowledge is a virtue.

Ramin Haghighat DBA Senior Database Architect Montreal Quebec Canada

Ramin Haghighat
Senior Database Architect